Do you suffer from a number of common cosmetic dental problems that keep you from feeling comfortable with your smile? If so, a smile makeover may be the right option for you.

With a smile makeover, Dr. Barton can perform a combination of cosmetic dentistry procedures that will address a number of aesthetic and functional issues with your smile. In the end, your smile makeover will provide you with a smile that compliments your other facial features.

Your Perfect Smile

Dr. Barton is committed to providing individualized services to all of his patients. From your first consultation through the completion of your procedure, he will work with you personally to help ensure stunning results.

Before moving forward with your smile makeover, Dr. Barton will first make a wax model of your smile. This enables him to determine what procedures will be required, and it also gives him an opportunity to educate you about the treatment choices available.

Your smile makeover may involve a combination of cosmetic dentistry procedures such as:

The front and back of your teeth work together to provide full functionality and therefore, Dr. Barton may suggest other general and cosmetic dentistry procedures to provide you with a strong, healthy, and aesthetically beautiful smile.

Your smile impacts the appearance of your entire face. While creating your customized smile makeover, Kansas City cosmetic dentist Dr. Thomas Barton will take into account the contours and natural features of your face to help ensure your new smile compliments your entire appearance. It is his goal to provide you with a result that increases self-confidence and boosts self-esteem. Working with an eye towards function and beauty, Dr. Barton can help give you the dazzling smile you deserve.

Please contact us today to schedule smile makeover consultation. Dr. Thomas Barton serves patients in Kansas City and Gladstone, Missouri.