Even with regular professional teeth cleanings and a thorough at-home oral hygiene routine, decay and infection can impact an otherwise healthy mouth. During your visits to our office, Kansas City dentist Dr. Thomas Barton will carefully inspect your mouth for signs of infection and recommend the appropriate action.

When Root Canals are Necessary

In the center of your tooth is a soft tissue called pulp. The pulp chamber contains all of the blood vessels and connective tissue that your tooth relies on for nourishment.

The nerve of your tooth lies in the root canal, which runs from your tooth root to the pulp chamber. When the nerve tissue or pulp in the pulp chamber becomes impacted by infection or decay, billions of bacteria quickly multiply in the root canal. This can result in initial discomfort, and eventually form an abscessed tooth, a puss-filled pocket that forms at the end of your tooth root.

At the first sign of infection, a root canal can be used to prevent an abscessed tooth and to protect your tooth against an unnecessary extraction.

Allaying Fears about Root Canals

Root canals have a reputation for being painful. In actuality, most patients find that a root canal is no more uncomfortable than a dental filling, and substantially more comfortable than an abscessed tooth. Dr. Barton performs root canals under local anesthetic and applies his 12 years of experience and the latest in dental techniques to help ensure a comfortable and safe procedure.

To perform a root canal, a small access hole will be drilled into your tooth. Through this small hole, decay and infection is gently removed using surgical files and a flush comprised of water and sodium hydrochloride. If infection is still present, antibacterial medication will be injected into the hole before it is temporarily sealed. This seal will be removed within one week, and a permanent seal will take its place. If no infection is present, the access hole will be sealed on the same day as your procedure.

While it may sound complex and frightening, a root canal is a common, safe general dentistry procedure. Dr. Barton will work closely with you during all phases of your root canal to help guarantee your comfort and ensure your tooth is protected against further infection.

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