General dentistry is the branch of dentistry devoted to the prevention, detection, and treatment of common dental problems. Where cosmetic dentistry focuses on the aesthetic appearance of your smile, general dentistry is concerned with helping you obtain and maintain optimal oral health for years to come.

Kansas City dentist Dr. Thomas Barton has 12 years of experience offering exceptional general dental services to people in our area. He is committed to educating his patients on proper at-home oral hygiene, and providing customized treatment options that meet all of your oral health needs.

General Dental Procedures

The best way to ensure that you maintain healthy teeth and gums is to visit Dr. Barton twice a year for your regularly-scheduled teeth cleanings. Every six months, you should come to our office to have your teeth, gums, and jaw inspected for signs of potential problems. During these visits, Dr. Barton will also personally clean your teeth, helping to remove tartar and plaque buildup while also bringing your teeth back to their most polished and appealing appearance. Dr. Barton can also discuss any aesthetic concerns you have with your smile during these visits, and provide you with solutions that meet all of your dental needs.

In addition to cleanings and examinations, common general dentistry procedures include:

  • Cavity detection and treatment with dental fillings or dental crowns
  • Tooth sensitivity and infection treatments such as root canals
  • The detection and treatment of gum disease
  • Tooth replacement options such as dental bridges and dental implants

Why General Dentistry Matters

General dentistry is important for keeping your teeth and gums healthy. What’s more, your oral health is intricately related to your systemic health, making a commitment to a healthy mouth part of your overall wellbeing. Several studies have shown that common dental problems such as gum disease can lead to cardiovascular problems, hypertension, and systemic infection. Some oral health issues can also cause additional problems with diabetes, and may complicate pregnancy.

Visiting Dr. Barton every six months is the first step in achieving optimal oral health. During these visits, Dr. Barton will best be able to detect potential problems, and treat them before they become serious, system-wide health issues.

Please contact us today to schedule your comprehensive dental evaluation. Dr. Thomas Barton serves patients in Kansas City and Gladstone, Missouri.